WRITING: Ruby Murray
EDITING: Celeste LeCompte
CONTENT: Amanda Schochet & Charles Philipp
EXPERTS: Thank you to the scientists who generously donated their time and expertise to the Smallest Mollusk Museum:

ORIGINS: Dr. Kenneth Baets, Dr. Phil Donoghue, Dr. Monique Welten, Dr. Martin Rucklin, John Catalani, Dr. Andreas Hejnol, Dr. Jakob Vinther

PERCEPTION: Dr. Daniel Speiser, Dr. Russell Wyeth

BRAINS: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Octopus Research Group, with special thanks to Dr. Ana Turchetti-Maia and Dr. Naama Stern, Dr. Clifton Ragsdale, Dr. Shuichi Shigeno, Dr. Matthew MacDougall, Dr. Todd Anderson

SEX: Dr. Norman Blake, Dr. Ronald Chase, Dr. John Hutchinson, Dr. Heike Reise, Dr. Joris Koene

FAMILY: Dr. Jennifer Mather, Dr. Kaya De Barbaro

DEATH: Dr. Chris Richardson, Dr. Chris Carrico, Dr. James Scourse, Dr. Alan D. Wanamaker Jr., Dr. Paul Butler

EXTINCTION: Dr. Wendell Haag, Dr. Paul Johnson, Abigail Gascho Landis